Third Dr Dara P Antia Memorial Lecture: Prof V.Raghvan delivering distinguish speech

NMD celebration 2010 at COEP

Visit of H.M.Nerurkar to College of Engineering Pune

First Dr Dara P Antia Memorial Lecture 2006: Prof E C Subbarao felicitating Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

First Dr Dara P Antia Memorial Lecture 2006

Two Day IIM Workshop at MIT Aurangabad

One Day IIM Workshop Organized at MIT Aurangabad

Fourth Dr D P Antia Memorial Lecture:(L to R) Dr Pradip, Dr Subra Suresh, Prof E.C.Subbarao, Mrs Jeero Antia, Dr J.J.Irani, L.Pugazenthy, Dr N.B.Dhokey

Fourth Dr D P Antia Memorial Lecture: Prof. E.C.Subarao felicitating Dr Subra Suresh, Dean, MIT, USA


The Indian Institute of Metals is a premier organization representing materials and metallurgical engineers in India. Founded in 1946 by a group of metallurgists led by Dr. D.P. Antia, IIM is the largest professional organization for metallurgist in India with over 8000 members from R&D laboratories, academia and industry. The two main objectives of IIM are: promoting and advancing the science and technology of metals and alloys and protecting the interests of metallurgists and metallurgical industry.(Read More..)

Leadership Roles for Materials Engineers Steadly Evolving: Are You Ready?

Today’s materials engineering leadership role is expected to expand and have a greater impact on evolving the organizational, technological, and strategic initiatives of original equipment manufacturers.

-Satyam Sahay, FASM*, John Deere Techonology Center India.

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